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Behavioral Staffing is the source for Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Social Services, Early Childhood Education and Special Education professionals. We have established an outstanding reputation in the industry by identifying the specific staffing requirements of the healthcare and education providers we serve and matching these requirements with top candidates who have the appropriate training, credentials, and experience.

We recognize that dramatic changes are happening in healthcare and education industries and we work hard to provide innovative solutions that enhance the quality and outcomes of the patients and clients they serve. Whether you are looking to staff for a one time project or an ongoing need, our team of industry experts knows how to find the right candidate for you.

Why Choose Behavioral Staffing

Temporary Staffing:
Access on-demand, supplemental employees.

Behavioral Staffing can provide you with skilled workers to cover your short-term and long-term temporary staffing needs. All of our employees are carefully screened and evaluated before being sent to you. In addition, our temporary employees will help you to increase flexibility, reduce overtime, improve productivity, and manage an increase in seasonal workloads.

Temporary to Hire Staffing:
Try an employee out before making a full-time hiring decision.

If you’re not sure whether you need to hire a full-time employee or not, our temporary-to-hire staffing service is ideal for you. You’ll have the opportunity to try out our candidates during a trial period before committing to a definite decision. This ensures you get the exact candidate you need to fulfill your hiring requirements.

Direct Hire Services:
Reduce the time it takes to hire full-time professionals.

With more than 30 years of recruiting experience and an extensive network of talent, Behavioral Staffing can significantly reduce the time it takes to hire a terrific candidate for your full-time position. After meeting with you to discuss details about the job and your company, we will then tap into our candidate database to find a handful of employees that match the desired qualifications. Each one must then undergo an extensive evaluation process to make sure they meet your hiring requirements. Once you hire a candidate, Behavioral Staffing will follow up with both you and the candidate to ensure complete satisfaction.

On-Site Hospital Staffing:
Relieve the pressure that comes with hiring for a hospital.

An on-site consultant will work at your hospital directly with your HR department to coordinate and manage all of your staffing needs. This includes planning for future staffing needs; recruiting, screening and hiring temporary employees; and monitoring worker performance. Our on-site staffing solution helps to relieve the pressure that comes with hiring so you can focus on providing quality patient care.

Payroll Services:
Eliminate the burden of payroll administration.

Our payroll services division will assume the responsibility for your entire payroll process, so you can turn your attention to managing your core business. Once you put your employees on our payroll, we will handle taxes, Social Security (F.I.C.A.), unemployment, worker’s compensation, disability insurance, and administrative/labor costs. You’ll still have total control over the screening, hiring, and managing of your staff – Behavioral Staffing will simply handle all payroll-related functions.

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